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Stress, Anxiety and Depression

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Today, we are done with 2 day Conference sessions for Stress, Anxiety and Depression 2022.

It was a great pleasure to host the event and get interacted with all of our Speakers as well as Delegates.

We would like to thank...

Dr. Paige E. Roberts (USA)- for her Unique Style and subtance of speech,

Dr. Tetiana Zinchenko ( Switzerland)- for her clear, factual analysis on Emotional Dysfunctions in Gambling and Internet Gaming Disorder,

Dr, Prakash Palanivelu (Saudi Arabia)- for hitting the nail on the head by explaining Effectiveness of Tailor Made Interventional Package to Enhance Relaxation,

Dr. Anushka Singh (India)- for her remarkable discussions and keeping the event hours light and cheerful with her interesting and self-made activities,

Dr. Sampoornam Webster (India)- for sharing her in-depth knowledge on Potency of emotional freedom technique on post partum blues and parenting stress as well as simple techniques to cope with stress,

Dr. Joao Alexandre Lobo (China)- for explaining Smart-CST technique just perfect according to the subject matter of the conference,

Mr. Keith Coney (Australia)- for providing his healing energies and coming up with one of the most interesting topic to discuss and keeping the discussion session more delightful with his presence,

Dr. K. Jothilakshmi (India)- for coming up with her survey including replies of Nursing students on Stress- coping.

It was a pleasure to listen to everyone. Every speech was very relevant to our current Subject Matter. It was fascinating how our speakers maintained remarkable poise in the face of a potentially hostile audience. We could witness new insights from current researches and we hope it motivate the future audience to go further in the field and provide real solutions to the people suffering from Stress, Anxiety and Depression Disorders.

Many thanks to all of hour Honorable Speakers to add grace and more meaning to the event with your insightful and knowledge-filling presence💐

We would love to welcome you back in any of our event as per the 'Topic Relevence'. Also, the registrations for your next visit will be sponsored by IABDT committee. Any Collaborations are welcome, under which you as well your references will be provided free registrations as well as free promotions.

Thank You and Wish you Good Health and Abundance,


Program Manager- Stress, Anxiety and Depression 2022

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