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Brain: Latest Discoveries and Inventions

International Live Conference on

June 15, 2024, Saturday
Live Conference

Brain 2023 Recorded Conference Proceedings LinkedIn Live Stream

Welcome to the International Conference on Brain: Latest Discoveries and Inventions, the 51st online conference organized by OLCIAS. We are delighted to announce that the esteemed speakers at this conference will be sponsored by OLCIAS, ensuring a high-quality event. Mark your calendars for June 15, 2024, as we delve into the captivating realm of brain research and innovation.

Importance of the Conference: The International Conference on Brain plays a pivotal role in providing a platform for doctors, scientists, students, and industry professionals to come together and explore the latest discoveries and inventions in the field of brain research. This conference aims to foster collaboration, facilitate knowledge exchange, and promote advancements in understanding the complexities of the human brain. By organizing this event, we aim to accelerate progress and shape the future of brain-related research and development.

Global Research and Investment: Significant investments are being made worldwide to support brain research initiatives. Governments, academic institutions, and private organizations are allocating substantial funds to unravel the mysteries of the brain, comprehend its functioning, and develop groundbreaking treatments for neurological disorders. The International Conference on Brain aims to showcase the diverse range of research being conducted around the globe, shedding light on cutting-edge breakthroughs and innovative solutions.

Conference Sessions: Our conference will encompass a wide array of sessions, each focusing on a unique aspect of brain research and innovation. Participants will have the opportunity to engage in discussions, attend keynote lectures, and explore various subtopics. The following sessions will be featured at the conference:

  1. Neurobiology and Neurochemistry: Investigating the intricate mechanisms underlying brain function and chemical signaling, including the latest findings in neurotransmitter systems, neuronal circuits, and molecular neuroscience.

  2. Neuroimaging and Neuroinformatics: Highlighting advancements in brain imaging techniques, such as fMRI, PET, and EEG, along with the utilization of big data analytics and artificial intelligence for analyzing and interpreting brain-related data.

  3. Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience: Exploring the cognitive processes, behavioral patterns, and neural correlates associated with human perception, memory, attention, language, decision-making, and emotion.

  4. Neuroengineering and Neurotechnology: Showcasing innovative technologies and devices designed to interface with the brain, including neuroprosthetics, brain-computer interfaces, deep brain stimulation, and neurorehabilitation methods.

  5. Clinical Neurology and Neurosurgery: Discussing diagnostic tools, treatment strategies, and surgical interventions for neurological disorders, encompassing areas such as stroke, epilepsy, neurodegenerative diseases, brain tumors, and neurocritical care.

Title: International Live Conference on Brain: Latest Discoveries and Inventions
Date: June 15, 2024, Saturdayday
​Time: 8 PM Indian Standard Time
Location: Online
Conference Theme: Unlocking the Mysteries of the Brain: Advancements, Innovations, and Impact


To secure your place as a distinguished speaker at this conference, ensure to submit your abstract no later than, March 8, 2024.

Important Topics: Some of the crucial topics to be covered during the conference include:

  • Brain Plasticity and Neurodevelopment

  • Neural Networks and Computational Neuroscience

  • Neurodegenerative Diseases: Mechanisms and Therapies

  • Brain-Computer Interfaces and Neural Interface Systems

  • Neuroethics and Brain Privacy

  • Neuropharmacology and Drug Development

  • Sleep and Circadian Rhythms

  • Neurological Disorders in Children

  • Neurorehabilitation and Neuroplasticity

  • Brain-Inspired Artificial Intelligence

Why Attend?
This conference provides a unique opportunity for professionals and students involved in the field of brain research to expand their knowledge, exchange ideas, and network with leading experts.

By attending, you will:

  • Gain insights into the latest discoveries, inventions, and research trends in brain-related fields.

  • Interact with esteemed speakers and experts, fostering collaborations and potential partnerships.

  • Showcase your own research findings through E-poster presentations or oral sessions.

  • Stay up-to-date with cutting-edge advancements, technologies, and treatment options.

  • Enhance your professional network by connecting with peers, industry representatives, and potential employers.

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