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Welcome to the OLCIAS Media Partners page, where collaboration and information dissemination converge. Our mission to advance brain health, mental sciences, disorders, and AI research is enriched by partnerships with esteemed media organizations.

As a media partner, you'll have the opportunity to join us on our journey of discovery, innovation, and knowledge sharing. Your platform's reach can help amplify the impact of our live conferences, webinars, and scientific events, reaching a wider audience of professionals, researchers, practitioners, and enthusiasts who are passionate about understanding and improving the complexities of brain and mental-related fields.

Through our partnerships, we aim to foster meaningful connections, engage in insightful discussions, and promote the exchange of ideas at the forefront of brain science and mental health. As a media partner, you'll receive exclusive access to event materials, speaker insights, and networking opportunities. Join us as we collectively contribute to advancing the understanding and treatment of brain disorders, mental disorders, and the exciting realm of AI research.

If your media organization is dedicated to fostering knowledge, raising awareness, and promoting advancements in brain health and mental sciences, we invite you to partner with OLCIAS. Together, we can make a significant impact on the global landscape of brain-related research and innovations.

Contact us to explore the possibilities of partnership and collaboration. Let's join forces to shine a spotlight on the latest breakthroughs, discoveries, and transformative ideas in brain and mental-related fields.

You can also email us at:

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